Financial Services

Every county board member and superintendent is familiar with the financial challenges schools face. These challenges are costly due to diminishing resources and the ever-present need to ensure our students receive the best education possible.

MSESC Financial Services is a cost-effective answer to these demands on shrinking school budgets, providing year-round assistance to a growing number of West Virginia counties at a competitive rate.

This allows you to put more money in the class room!

Our all-inclusive Financial Services package may include:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Vendor Records
  • Invoicing
  • Training sessions for county employees

For more information, please contact Jan Hanlon, Executive Director, for a customized quote for your county!

MSESC employs an accountant with a BA in accounting from Marshall University and 13 years experience in school finance. We also employ a payroll and accounts payable specialist with over 40 years experience. The cooperative utilizes purchasing procedures aligned with WVDE Accounting Procedures.

Tinessa Williamson: Accountant

Katie Perry: Payroll/Account Payable Specialist


501 22nd Street
Dunbar, WV  25064

Phone: 304-766-0011

Fax: 304-766-0022