Loan Forgiveness for educators and other public service employees

Feel Better With Student Loan Relief!


Your financial wellness matters to us! We now offer the voluntary Loan Relief™ benefit from Fiducius, so you can take control of your student loans, put more money in your pocket and focus on what really matters to you.


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New Low Payment & New House
“When I first got the email through my school district, I wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before?” When I told them I was trying to buy a house, they even wrote a letter to my mortgage company helping them understand this program and how much I was saving.  They’re always on top of everything, and now I’m saving money on my monthly student loan payments and have a new house too!”
David Wells Teacher



It’s Easy to Get Started with Loan Relief™ Benefit!

Let the Student loan experts at Fiducius get to work for you:

Assess – learn about your personal financial situation and goals
Advise -identify the best option to solve your student loan issue
Relieve – provide a customized Student Loan Financial Wellness Plan


The custom plan is yours at no cost. Then, decide to hire Fiducius (fees apply), or pursue the plan on your own. It’s up to you!


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Register with code MSESC2 & learn how much you could save in a few minutes.


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