Position:  School Psychologist
Location:  Cabell County and Putnam County
Posting date:  July 26, 2022
Salary:  Based on experience and qualifications


  1. Holds or qualifies for a West Virginia Professional or Temporary Service Certificate endorsed for school psychologists
  2. Prior experience preferred.
  3. Effective oral/written communication skills required.


  1. To assess, identify and document strengths, weaknesses, learning abilities and behavior of referred students through appropriate testing and diagnostic practices
  2. To administer psychological, academic and other required evaluations and make appropriate recommendations for students and to perform the following duties as requested.
  3. To assist in implementing federal/state regulations relevant to the education of students identified as “at risk” or with special needs.
  4. To assist in the development of strategies to meet the needs of special needs or “at risk” students through participation in Student Assistance Team meetings.
  5. To cooperate with community health and social service agency personnel in providing appropriate services to students.
  6. To develop Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans.
  7. To serve as a member of the Eligibility Committee.
  8. To assist in the identification of special needs or “at risk” students.
  9. To maintain case records on all referred students.
  10. To make appropriate educational recommendations for special needs or “at risk” students.
  11. To confer with teachers, parents and/or other appropriate individuals regarding the needs of all “at risk” and special needs students whenever necessary.
  12. To prepare and submit in a timely fashion all required federal, state, and local reports on students with disabilities.
  13. To participate in Manifest Determination meetings.
  14. To review WVTSS student data.
  15. To coordinate services and activities with the pupil services team.
  16. To maintain timelines in the exceptional education referral process.
  17. To maintain professional work habits.
  18. To maintain and upgrade professional skills.
  19. To perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or Director of Special Education

  Resume Must Include:

List of educational institutions attended, course of study, dates attended, and certificates earned.
List of employers for the past ten years, including address and name of immediate supervisor(s).
Description of responsibilities/work experiences in previous employment.
Alignment of work experience with posted Job Description.
List of at least three (3) references including addresses and telephone numbers.

Send Application & Resume:

Ms. Jan Hanlon, Executive Director
Mountain State ESC
501 22nd Street
Dunbar, WV 25064

or download the region’s application and submit via email to rcbias@k12.wv.us  

 Mountain State ESC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, disability or age.

 POSITION: School Psychologist

REPORTS TO: MSESC Executive Director/Cabell County Director of Special Education/Putnam County Director of Exceptional Education


  1. Work effectively as a member of an educational team.
  2. Demonstrate self-control and exhibit an attitude of mutual respect with colleagues .
  3. Exhibit ethical behavior and demonstrate good work habits, including punctuality and attendance.
  4. Demonstrate a willingness to work collaboratively
  5. Maintain confidentiality of student information.



Recommended by the MSESC Executive Director

Confirmed by the MSESC Governing Council


This position is a will and pleasure employee of the Mountain State ESC. Continuation of the position is dependent upon funding, enrollment and program performance.


Per current Mountain State Educational Services Cooperative Salary