CPR Classes
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, is a simple lifesaving technique, but training is required for proper performance.  Public Service Training offers CPR for both the average layperson and the professional healthcare provider.  CPR classes include AED training.  Basic First Aid skills allow the proper treatment of minor incidents.  For more serious injuries and illnesses, First Aid training prepares you for what to do until help arrives.  For more information, contact Rick Gobble, Public Service Training Coordinator, rgobble@k12.wv.us.

Stop the Bleed
Stop the Bleed is designed to train everyone with what they should know to stop bleeding after an injury while waiting for medical professions to arrive. For more information, go to www.bleedingcontrol.org or contact Rick Gobble, Public Service Training Coordinator, rgobble@k12.wv.us.

Active Shooter
This class is designed to be a proactive approach and provide preparation for individuals and organizations to handle disgruntled individuals or an active shooter situation. It can be taught within schools, hospitals, businesses, government agencies, and houses of worship. This class will be geared toward the facility it is being taught. For more information, please go to www.alicetraining.com or contact Rick Gobble, Pubic Service Training Coordinator, rgobble@k12.wv.us.

To see all other trainings conducted by Public Service Training, please visit www.wvpst.org.



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