Richard Lawrence is an educational consultant providing school and system improvement support throughout the state of West Virginia. He works extensively with school districts and schools to build collaboration structures in schools focused on improving student learning. He is the former Executive Director of School improvement and System Support in the Division of Educator Quality at the West Virginia Department of Education.

Since retirement from the WVDE in the summer of 2013 he has led improvement services in 18 West Virginia County school systems, and more than 30 schools. Many of the schools have used his services on a weekly basis for three years in a school. Additionally he has worked with all the former RESAs and has worked in schools outside of West Virginia.

Richard was accomplished and highly respected for leadership of the Professional Development Demonstrations School Program which placed School Improvement Specialists in elementary through high schools to provide guidance for teachers in building programs to address inequity in schools with high percentages of minority, low income and special education populations.

In addition to his bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Concord University, he holds a Master’s in Educational Administration. He was a teacher and administrator in Summers County and has served as adjunct faculty for Concord University and the WV College of Graduate Studies.


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