Title of Vacancy: Reentry Liaison

Position Type: Professional

Administrative Unit: Mountain State Educational Services Cooperative

Location: Two available positions based on facility locations. Primary workspace
Location will be determined based on location of closest facility.

Position 1 – Southern WV: Kanawha, Boone, Logan, Mingo, McDowell, Mercer, Summers, Monroe, Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Wyoming, Raleigh, Fayette

Position 2 – Northern WV: Ritchie, Pleasants, Tyler, Wetzel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, Hancock, Doddridge, Lewis, Upshur, Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston

Employment Term: 261 days

Positional Summary
Under direct supervision, at the full- performance level, the Reentry Liaison will function as a professional in providing services to individuals who are currently incarcerated in state regional jails and prisons within the counties served. The Reentry Liaison will identify potential gaps in services for clients who are transitioning out of facility and into their communities and identify programs and procedures to resolve these problems. The Reentry Liaison will work with employers to identify job opportunities, initiate interviews, and provide education to employers on the benefits of becoming a fair chance, and recovery friendly employer. The Reentry Liaison will become a client liaison working closely with other state and private agencies to ensure successful transition services. The position works in coordination with the West Virginia Department of Education’s Schools of Diversion & Transition educational programs, as well as, Jobs & Hope WV program.

• Assess the client’s ability to obtain, maintain, and retain employment and identify potential problems with the return to work.
• Work in close partnership with the Division of Corrections, and other agencies, in securing state identification, transportation services and housing prior to release.
• Provide vocational counseling & guidance to address the client’s strengths, skills and abilities in identifying career employment opportunities for the client.
• Actively participate in REACH Initiative reentry councils in the counties served.
• Work closely with the WV Schools of Diversion & Transition in aligning educational and career technical goals with the current job availability in the area served.
• Works closely with Jobs & Hope WV to help clients eliminate barriers to employment.
• Assist in the development of annual Second Chance and Recovery job fairs.
• Identify and maintain weekly employer contacts to promote employer education and identify job opportunities.
• Create FairShake® accounts for all clients, and upload education and career certifications as earned.
• Disseminates information by providing education, outreach, and trainings to the general public, businesses, employers and community organizations.
• Maintains contact with clients in current caseload on a monthly basis with a personal contact rate of 85% or higher, and continue follow up contacts quarterly, for a period of one year, following release from facility.
• Reviews caseload weekly to assure timely service delivery.
• Maintain data to show impact of services in reducing recidivism rates by reporting employment, education, and reoffending information on clients served.
• Maintain case notes daily.
• Provides data reports to the WV Department of Education Jobs & Hope Program Manager, and the WV Schools of Diversion & Transition Adult Coordinator.

• The Reentry Liaison will demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work with diverse populations facing crisis situations in a professional and diplomatic manner.
• The Reentry Liaison will participate in Emotional Intelligence training and use these skills to demonstrate self-control and demonstrate an attitude of mutual respect and tolerance.
• The Reentry Liaison will demonstrate ethical conduct when working with clients, employers, and other agencies.
• The Reentry Liaison will be a self-starter and be motivated to work independently and as part of a team and handle multiple tasks to accomplish deadlines and ensure timely service delivery.
• The Reentry Liaison will maintain a valid driver’s license.
• The Reentry Liaison has experience working with clients who have various barriers to employment, experience with conducting business contacts, and shows knowledge of the current labor market.
• The Reentry Liaison will act as a resource broker and refer clients to other agencies depending upon the need of services.
• The Reentry Liaison will maintain client confidentiality of records, notes and program files.
• Position requires extensive regional travel.

• Bachelor’s degree in social work, vocational rehabilitation, counseling, psychology, or other behavioral science and human service-related field.
• Extensive experience using different types of technology devices and information management software.
• Extensive case management experience.

Employment Relationship
This position is a will and pleasure employee of the Mountain State ESC. Continuation of the position is dependent upon funding, enrollment, and program performance. Each employee is subject to termination at any time, with or without notice, cause or compensation. Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to, immorality, incompetency, cruelty, insubordination, intemperance, willful neglect of duty, unsatisfactory performance, the conviction of a felony or guilty plea or pleas of not contest to a felony charge, misuse of funds or property, violations of laws or policies, lack of need, or lack or loss of funding.
Salary: Salary will be based on the Kanawha County Board of Education Salary Table, commensurate with educational level and years of related experience.

Closing Date for Receiving Application:
Note: Candidates for employment must complete a cover letter, resume, and official application form. Resume must include list of educational institutions attended, course of study, dates attended, and certificates earned; alignment of employers for the past ten years; description of responsibilities/work experience in previous employment; alignment of work experience with posted job description; list of three references including address and telephone numbers.

Apply To: Jan Hanlon, Executive Director, 501 22nd Street, Dunbar, WV 25064

Discrimination Prohibited: Mountain State ESC will grant equal employment opportunities to all persons, regardless of race, age, religion, color, sex, or national origin and no discrimination based on these factors will be made in the salary, promotion, demotion, transfer, or termination of any employees.