Position:  Nursing Coordinator-Cabell County

Posting Date:  August 15, 2023

Term:  August-December 2023


According to the Series 1 Policies and Procedures for Development and Maintenance of Educational Programs in Practical Nursing section 7, the coordinator will:

1. assume responsibility for organizing and directing the program under the jurisdiction of the sponsoring agency;

2. seek recommendations from the practical nursing advisory committee for establishing policies for the recruitment, selection, admission, progression, dismissal and counseling of students;

3. schedule regular faculty conferences and maintain a written record of discussions and decisions;

4. establish a system to maintain essential records that will be used to evaluate a student progress while the student is enrolled in the program and to follow up on the student after his or her graduation;

5. report, at least monthly, the status of the program to the sponsoring agency administrator (Cabell County Career and Technology Center building administrator/director) and to the advisory committee as necessary;

6. visit clinical practice areas regularly to evaluate student experience and maintain communications with facility administration and staff;

7. plan and implement, with the sponsoring agency administrator, an annual budget for the program;

8. make recommendations for faculty appointments and promotions based on the policies and procedures established by the Cabell County Board of Education;

9. arrange for activities for selecting students including testing and interviewing;

10. interpret changing practices in the utilization of the graduate practical nurse and adjust the educational program to accommodate these changes;

11. develop short- and long-range objectives and strategies for strengthening the program;

12. establish criteria for the ongoing evaluation of the curriculum, the clinical facilities and the faculty; and,

13. either individually or in collaboration with the administrator of the sponsoring agency, evaluate and document, at least every 6 months, a new instructor’s performance in terms of personal and professional achievement. Evaluation and documentation of a new instructor’s performance in the clinical area shall be completed by the nurse coordinator.

14. either individually or in collaboration with the administrator of the sponsoring agency, evaluate and document, annually an experienced faculty member’s performance in terms of personal and professional achievement. Evaluation and documentation of an instructor’s performance in the clinical area shall be completed by the nurse coordinator.

15. The nurse coordinator is not expected to carry a teaching load equal to that of other faculty members. The sponsoring agency administrator shall allot adequate time to the nurse coordinator to carry out activities related to coordination of the program.

16. The nurse coordinator may:

a. develop course outlines and lesson plans for teaching the nursing skills and related courses;

b. direct and supervise student learning in the classroom and clinical areas;

c. evaluate and record student performance;

d. participate in the counseling and guidance of students related to their course of instruction; and

e. perform other duties, related to the program of practical nursing, assigned by the sponsoring agency administrator.

f. assign instructors to perform other duties, related to the program of practical nursing.

g. Request assistance from the instructors to complete administrative duties which could include but is not limited to the reviewing, testing, and selecting of students.

17. Adjunct, Part time, or substitute faculty:

a. The nurse coordinator will require each adjunct, part time, or substitute faculty to demonstrate their participation in the planning and evaluation of each course they teach, coteach, or for which they supervise students in the clinical area. The nurse coordinator shall determine how this participation shall be demonstrated in each program.

18. Practical Nursing Program Advisory Committees:

a. The committee should include at least 1 of each of the following: a consumer; a director of nursing service; a hospital administrator; a licensed practical nurse;, and, a registered nurse. The committee members shall represent acute and long-term care facilities and community health agencies. A current student representative from the program shall participate on the Advisory Committee with the exception of discussions and decisions pertaining to confidential student, faculty, or program information. The nurse coordinator and sponsoring agency administrator are ex officio members of the advisory committee. Other program faculty and staff do not serve as voting members on the Program Advisory Committee

19. Rotation plan:

a. The nurse coordinator shall develop and post a complete rotation plan for each student showing daily classroom theory content and corresponding clinical practice for all nursing practice experiences.

b. The nurse coordinator should develop the rotation plan in cooperation with the affiliating facilities and agencies, taking into consideration available clinical services, quantity and quality of supervision for students and requirements of the board.

c. The nurse coordinator and the affiliating agency may, by mutual agreement, change the established plan for rotation of students through the clinical services.

20. Instruction:

a. At the discretion of the coordinator, the use of reputable “virtual clinical experiences” as found on the internet, CDROM, or other electronic media may be utilized by faculty to supplement clinical experiences which are not available or in other circumstances in which supplemental clinical information is needed; i.e., “snow days”, etc. The use of “virtual clinical experiences” shall not be used to completely replace actual patient care experience for clinical instruction in any course.

21. Maintenance of records:

a. The nurse coordinator shall submit a final transcript, including the title of courses taken, clinical and theory grades, and clock hours or an interpretation of credits or units completed, for each graduate practical nurse who applies for the licensure examination.

b. The nurse coordinator shall indicate on the application to the board for examination for each program graduate whether a criminal history records check was conducted upon admission to the program or during the course of the program.

c. The nurse coordinator shall submit with the application a true copy of all documents received from any law enforcement agency indicating conviction of any crime. The student with a positive criminal history records check will also submit with the application to the board an explanation of the events surrounding the conviction.

d. The nurse coordinator shall submit an annual report to the board, on forms provided by the board, within 30 days of completion of a program.


  1.  BSN in Nursing
  2. Must meet all criteria to to fufill all job responsibilities

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