Lenora Richardson is a recently retired educator with 34 years of experience in the classroom (20 years) and at the district office (14) having served as supervisor of K-12 science, social studies and mathematics before becoming Director of Curriculum and Assessment. Ms. Richardson has a great deal of experience in providing professional development on a variety of topics and working collaboratively with administrators to provide support in data analysis and strategic planning with school leadership teams. Building teacher leaders and school level capacity for improvement has been a focus of Ms. Richardson’s school support in district-level leadership role.






Integrating ELA and Math into Science Classroom
Creating Common Formative Assessments Using Learning Targets
Hands-On Science Classroom Management Strategies
Vertical Teaming for Student Success on State Science Assessment for Elementary and Middle School
Facilitating Strategic Planning with School Leadership Teams (using WV GPS System)

·         Needs Assessment Data Collection (Clarity, State Summative Assessment, Zoom-WV, school data)

·         Creating SMART Goals

·         Monitoring and Support

Using Interim Assessments to Target Instruction

·         Analyzing assessment items

·         Identifying pre-requisite skills

·         Intervention

Curriculum Mapping for Science, Social Studies, and Math
Analyzing SAT and PSAT Assessments to Improve High School Instruction in Science and Social Studies
Using DBQs in Science
Elementary Social Studies Integration with Literacy