TITLE OF VACANCY: Jobs & Hope WV – Strategic Relations Agent

POSITION TYPE: Professional

ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT: Mountain State Educational Services Cooperative

LOCATION: Office location is Charleston, WV. Scope of work is statewide.


The Strategic Relations Agent (SRA) is responsible for the quality, growth, and promotion of the program by ensuring that our services and solutions are delivered in alignment with the client’s objectives and key strategies of the program. Success is measured in client achievement, retention, growth, and profitability.


• The SRA is responsible for knowing the guidelines, policies, and procedures, key strategies, and measures of success to ensure Jobs & Hope WV is in a credible position to collaborate in further refining those strategies and developing specific initiatives and solutions that will enable the program to achieve their objectives.

• Collaborating with program’s stakeholders in the successful execution of marketing-related strategies, plans, and initiatives to support the success of the program.

• Providing results on the progress and outcome of program participants and calculating return-on-investment metrics to ensure programs goals are met.

• Work collaboratively to ensure appropriate direction is provided to all Transition Agents and a productive two-way communication flow exists.

• Developing and scoping initiatives and projects, drafting proposals, statements of work, and other activities related to selling, servicing, and delivering work to the program.

• Ensuring smooth operation of all solutions, campaign operations, and other day-to-day activities required to meet the program objectives.

• Ensuring that all work performed is executed within set deadlines and within established budgets.

• Collaborate with leadership related to ensure all strategies, analysis, and recommendations are accurate, appropriate, and consistent with the programs objectives and messaging.

• Maintain knowledge of the Jobs and Hope WV program, those of key partners, and develop strategies for how to continually apply them to evolve and improve the quality of results and services delivered by the program.


• The SRA demonstrates strong inter-personal skills, and the ability to work with diverse populations facing crisis situations in a professional and diplomatic manner.

• The SRA demonstrates self-control and exhibits an attitude of mutual respect and tolerance.

• The SRA demonstrates ethical conduct and good work habits such as punctuality and attendance.

• The SRA works effectively as a member of a team within a multi-disciplinary framework.

• The SRA maintains a valid driver’s license.

• The SRA is self-motivated and demonstrates the ability to manage multiple tasks/assignments to accomplish high-quality work to meet demanding deadlines with little direct supervision.

• Position includes statewide travel.


• Bachelor’s degree in related field required.

• Knowledge and practical application of Strategic Relations.

• Experience with marketing-related technology solutions, including databases, social media accounts, and business analysis tools; experience with web analytics, search, and email related tools and applications is helpful.

• Three or more years’ experience in related field


This position is a will and pleasure employee of the Mountain State ESC. Continuation of the position is dependent upon funding, enrollment, and program performance. Each employee is subject to termination at any time, with or without notice, cause or compensation. Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to immorality, incompetency, cruelty, insubordination, intemperance, willful neglect of duty, unsatisfactory performance, the conviction of a felony or guilty plea or pleas of not contest to a felony charge, misuse of funds or property, violations of law or policies, lack of need, or lack or loss of funding.

SALARY: $41,000 to $59,000 commensurate with education level and years of related experience.


NOTE: Candidates for employment must complete a cover letter, resume, and official application form. Resume must include list of educational institutions attended, course of study, dates attended, and certificates earned; list of employers for the past ten years; description of responsibilities /work experience in previous employment; alignment of work experience with posted job description; list of at least three references including address and telephone numbers.

APPLY TO: Jan Hanlon, Executive Director
501 22nd Street,
Dunbar, WV 25064
www.mountainstateesc.com/job-postings OR email rcbias@k12.wv.us

DISCRIMINATION PROHIBITED: Mountain State ESC will grant equal employment opportunities to all persons, regardless or race, age, religion, color, sex or national origin and no discrimination based on these factors will be made in the salary, promotion, demotion, transfer, or termination of any employee