Environmental Training Center

The West Virginia Environmental Training Center was established in 1983 under the administration of the West Virginia Department of Education. Federal grant funds were obtained from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to construct and equip the facility for the purpose of providing training to wastewater and water plant operators. Continued operation was overseen by the Department of Education through the Regional Education Service Agency until June 2018, at which time the WV Environmental Training Center was placed under the newly established Mountain State Education Service Cooperative.

The West Virginia Environmental Training Center provides training and technical assistance to wastewater and water professionals statewide. Operators, managers, inspectors, and technicians attend both certification courses and continuing education workshops offered throughout the year. About 75 programs per year are delivered to approximately 1,200 participants. Wastewater and drinking water operator certification courses are offered at many levels, usually twice a year.

A wide range of continuing education workshops and seminars are delivered each year, which range in length from one to four days. These include process control, troubleshooting, maintenance, regulations, and management topics. These trainings are offered once or twice a year, depending on demand.

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