Clerk of the Works

Starting a new construction project? Looking to upgrade an exisiting building? We can help!

Mountain State ESC is proud to offer a new service for counties needing help monitoring construction projects, a Clerk-of-the-Works. Allow one of our employees to be your eyes and ears on the job, making sure the work site is running efficiently and acting as a liaison between the Architect, Engineer, and Contractors.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Clerk-of-the-Works involve, but are not limited to, the following services:

Observe the quality and progress of the construction to determine that it is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents.

Notify the Owner (LEA), Architect, and Engineer immediately if, in the Clerk-of-the-Work’s opinion, work does not conform with the Contract Documents or requires special investigation by the LEA, A/E, or Contractor.

Monitor the construction progress and assist in the preparation of progress reports required by the LEA. The Clerk shall be knowledgeable with the SBA’s Construction Schedule Requirements and shall immediately notify the Owner, Architect, and the SBA if he or she recognizes the Contractor fallen out of compliance or conformance with any project documentation requirements, including construction schedule requirements.

Review Contract Documents with the Contractor’s superintendent so as to have a complete understanding of the scope of the project.

Attend project meetings as the LEA’s representative and report to the Owner in writing on the proceedings.

Observe tests required by the Contract Documents. Review testing invoices, if any, to be paid by the LEA.

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