Brenda Stevenson is certified in Social Studies 7-12 and Reading K-12. and retired from full time teaching in 2009. Since retirement, she has  worked  as program director for the American History Project and as mentor for the Literary Design Collaborative. For the past 2 years, she has worked at Heritage Farm and Museum as a docent, exhibit developer, West Virginia History curriculum guide for 8th grade teachers, and most recently as a Living History Act portraying Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother’s Day. Brenda enjoys working with teachers both through professional development and going into schools to present new ideas or performing for students. She has  created a play for WV Studies on the First Wheeling Convention that is performed at Heritage Farm or in the classroom.


Literacy Design Collaborative
Living History: Anna Jarvis

1 hour session
WV History

Ms. Stevenson dresses as Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day and gives a 20 minute speech.  She interacts with the audience to answer questions in character.

First Wheeling Convention: A Play

WV History

Ms. Stevenson  dresses  in 1861 costume.  The play takes about 45-50 mins.  with audience members taking part.  This session can be for students or educators.

The Boston Tea Party

US History

Dressed as Samuel Adams, Ms. Stevenson reenacts the meeting prior to the Boston Tea Party.  This session can be for students or educators.

Adjusting Reading to Various Levels within the Classroom
Document-based Questioning

1/2 day to multiple days

Audience:  educators

Ms. Stevenson facilitates the development of document-based  questions around various topics.


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